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Loyalty club of ADIVA pharmacies - Loyal to Health

The biggest pharmacy loyalty program in Croatia has brought together people who appreciate their healthy habits

Challenge: creating a loyalty club for pharmacies on healthy CRM grounds

As an agency providing creative marketing, content marketing, and digital marketing service LOGIC MARKETING was asked to launch the biggest loyalty program for pharmacies in Croatia. We had to include 150 pharmacies in the program and give the club a distinctive and original name and visual identity. This identity had to distinguish ADIVA loyalty program from all other programs on the market, as well as to hint at the existing visual identity of ADIVA pharmacies and thus blend perfectly with the architecture of the ADIVA brand.

Apart from branding and visual identity, our client asked us to develop a CRM software solution compatible with 4 different software programs used by ADIVA pharmacies. The CRM system had to be built on a business model that motivates people to join the loyalty club where they can collect points. Additionally, it had to be able to generate efficient reports on consumer behaviour for each particular pharmacy. To guarantee that things run smoothly, we had to ensure that all archived data form a basis for future one click marketing activities.

Solution and results

LOGIC MARKETING agency proposed an original name, “Vjerni zdravlju” (Loyal to Health), encompassing the semantic field of loyalty and health, and promoting the program as the leading loyalty program in its segment. The visual identity which we created reflects the uniqueness of ADIVA program under the ADIVA – Savjetom do Zdravlja family brand (umbrella branding strategy).

The loyalty program attracting an enormous number of users after only several months exceeded all expectations. It was widely accepted by all ADIVA pharmacies, as well as by all sponsors interested in participating in ADIVA loyalty club.

Marketing services offered

  • Branding
  • Naming
  • CRM system development
  • Design and web page development
  • Design and mobile application development
  • Newsletter production
  • Online and offline sales catalogue

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