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Branding of the City of Daruvar

We have demonstrated how city of Daruvar loves life and explained what it means to be a hedonist in a Slavonian way

Challenge: Challenge: giving ‘the city of cranes’ a recognizable and striking identity

Daruvar is a small city in continental Croatia and Western Slavonia. With plenty of wonderful things to offer to its visitors, Daruvar only needed the relevant know-how for its effective presentation to the world. Take its dispersed communication activities and visual elements, for example. They were neither connected to nor integrated into any cohesive, uniquely recognizable communication system. Clever as they are, the people of Daruvar asked LOGIC MARKETING agency to map out a marketing strategy for the city of Daruvar on emissive tourist markets. We decided to create unique communication positioning for the city, including an original visual identity and extensive promotional activities.

Solution and results

When creating unique marketing positioning for a certain city, we have to take into account all elements of the city’s surroundings and background: its historical and cultural qualities, as well as the city branding market trends. In short, anything that could or should have a significant effect on the city’s unique positioning. In the case of Daruvar, we thus had to analyse all key attributes of the destination, i.e. its functional and emotional advantages important to the visitors. Cultural particularities of the region, such as a more relaxing way of life in Slavonia, were taken into account as well, forming a basis for the city’s positioning. We decided to build the city’s brand focusing on the topic of Slavonian hedonism: Slavonians’ love and passion for their region and their way of life. That is how we created a memorable positioning slogan – ‘Daruvar Loves Life’. It directly reflected the vitality of the inhabitants of Daruvar and the passion they feel for the life in their city. Our agency has built a web page for the city’s promotional activities. It has also published leaflets and promotional materials for specialized tourist products, as well as for communication campaigns aimed at promoting Vinodar, the most amusing city festival dedicated to wine. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you should definitely check it out.

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