From the first handwritten sales stickers to today's conversational stickers on Viber, the introduction of the popular stickers into the marketing world changed the way we shop and consume products. However, this powerful marketing tool was not recognized enough form marketing agencies and experts. It's time we pay respect to this legendary marketing invention.

Let's start with the short history lesson

Did you know that the first stickers were created in the 1880s in the United States of America? Back then, the salespeople started to put stickers on their products to attract the attention of their buyers. The first stickers were handwritten, and as the printing technology developed, they were produced in series and were used as a simple labeling sales tool.

Stickers found its usage in naming the products and labeling the prices. It could be said that the stickers became what the wheel already was in transport – a universal invention that enabled the everyday functioning of the commercial machine.

Today, stickers not only identify the products and prices at supermarket shelves, but they also find their application elsewhere: from the postal stamps to luggage stickers in transport.  

The sticker also found its widespread application in traditional and digital marketing. For example, think about successful brands like Panini and their popular planetary sticker albums with famous football players. And if you are looking for another example, think about entertaining conversational stickers on the Viber platform.

From analog to the digital medium, popular stickers have evolved through many evolutionary stages, arriving at their current incarnation as conversational stickers on Viber and other instant messaging platforms. So imagine how one funny sticker with the mascot from Njuš web portal can spice up an online conversation you have with your friends in your leisure time.  

Why are stickers so irresistible as a digital marketing tool?

There are many reasons, but we'll single out three:

1 – They are non-intrusive, and they bring entertaining moments into communication

Have you already seen the popular stickers with the cuddly characters of teddy bear Lino and cute doggo Njuškalo? No wonder that Croatian brands like Podravka, Adiko bank, Njuš and Konzum have created cute mascot stickers for their Viber campaigns to target their audience:

sticker viber oglašavanje digitalni marketing

As the columnist of web portal Jasmina Kolić states: „Branded stickers are great marketing tools that are not intrusive to end-users. They offer brands the possibility of customer base building and natural, spontaneous communication, while not distracting the attention from products and services which stay in focus.“ 

2- Stickers awake nostalgia for childhood, and they create strong emotional reactions

It takes only one glimpse at the funny-looking sticker to awaken your inner child. Laura from web page observes: „As a kid we all used stickers for many different reasons either slapping one to your skateboard, rucksack, pencil case, textbooks, calculator and for boys who can forget the infamous Panini sticker books? As an adult, that’s not changed for some of us, although now it’s a snowboard, laptop, and still a Panini sticker book.“ 😊

Besides childhood nostalgia, stickers also evoke strong emotional responses. They make us laugh with their funny slogans, melt our hearts with their cute illustrations of cuddly animals and mascots, and they awaken instant humane response. Try to resist the charms of the cute teddy bear mascot of Hrabri telefon – Croatian society for child and parents support. In short, they create a strong emotional bond between the brand and its followers. 

Here are the examples of Adiko bank stickers from Serbia and Croatian Hrabri telefon society: 

sticker adiko viber oglasavanje digitalni marketing

sticker hrabri telefon viber oglasavanje digitalni marketing

3 – Stickers have the power to make us all collectors

In addition to making solid emotional bonds, stickers are also powerful marketing tools to turn every brand follower into a collector. And that's the mightiest power they have over us.

Some famous brands like Panini became global players by focusing on buyers' passion for collecting. Their albums with stickers depicting renowned football players from FIFA championships have become the essential part of almost every boy's childhood on the planet. And let's be honest, they also became the parents' worst nightmare since modern dads and moms had to spend a little fortune on Panini stickers to please their sons.

Another excellent example of the power of stickers to awake collecting passion and create a bond between fans and a brand comes from Panini's cooperation with Coca-Cola and their limited edition collection of stickers with football players. In addition, the completed albums of this series have achieved decent prices on many eBay auctions.

Here's the YouTube video screenshot of one excited fan who bragged about his collection of Coca-Cola's limited edition stickers: 

sticker coca cola panini digitalni marketing

What are the main ingredients of a great sticker?

Include some fun stickers in your next marketing mix with the help of a digital marketing agency specializing in digital content, or follow these simple advice:

1. Simple and direct design will attract fans

Be creative and original when you are creating design of your stickers. The main power of the sticker lies in the emotional engagement with a buyer. Avoid complicated procedures; let it be simple, direct, and immediately communicate your message. The design of the sticker should be viral and irresistible so your followers can connect with it and wish to share it with others on the web.

2. Adjust the message of your sticker to your marketing goal – be concise, straight to the point

To improve brand awareness, add a logo and brand name to your sticker. Then, for creating a closer relationship with your buyers, make the whole series of stickers with the messages that'll connect. That's why Adiko bank created stickers with entertaining witty messages: Where's my salary? You are my treasure. From rags to riches. And Njuš launched the series of funny stickers with their doggo mascot and his funny witticisms: I don't bite. Piss pause. I am tired like a doggo.  

3. Pay attention to where you are going to place your sticker

Good placement of your sticker is also crucial if you want to reach your target audience. Think about where you are going to use it and how. For example, your sticker can be a part of a guerilla marketing campaign on your future billboard. It can also be a small printed sticker ready to be placed on cars and skateboards to promote your brand. Or you can create a series of conversational viral stickers for Viber advertising that will be shared like popular emojis on instant messaging platforms and social media.   

There are so many possibilities for the great use of stickers. The only limit is your imagination and legal regulations.

We hope that this article has inspired some new creative ideas for your marketing activities by emphasizing stickers – the oldest and the most undervalued marketing tools that exist. 

Who knows, with your knowledge and skills and a little help from our agency for digital marketing, good old sticker could become again (a big shot):

sticker njuskalo viber oglasavanje digitalni marketing

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