Facebook advertising is an indispensable part of any serious digital marketing strategy today. Whether you have a perfectly designed web page or use the benefits of email marketing and SEO optimization of your content, Facebook advertising will help you more effectively target your audience, increasing your followers' brand awareness and engagement rate. And all of it with significantly less investment in ads compared to the classic ATL or BTL marketing campaigns.

According to the estimates of marketing experts, 20% of digital marketing activities today are done through Facebook ads. In addition to that, the current corona crisis that persists the second year in a round has helped move the brands' promotional activities online, thus making digital and social media advertising more critical than ever. And this is not only related to webshop companies like Amazon or About You, but to many firms that deliver their products and services to consumers' households.

Therefore, Facebook advertising is imperative if you are fully committed to your business or the success of your brand.

So, here are the seven reasons you should include Facebook advertising in your marketing strategy.

Reason #1: You’ll target your audience precisely

If you decide to run a classic ATL or BTL campaign, you need to be aware of the fact that you’ll “shoot” with blinds. With this approach, you’ll never know for sure if your billboard, TV or radio ad, or hard sales leaflet has efficiently reached the target audience. Therefore, you should better stick to fantastic creative work if you still decide to go for the classic marketing approach.

Luckily enough, you don’t need to worry about these things with Facebook ads. Facebook advertising gives you the option of perfectly filtered targeting. Thanks to the detailed audience targeting features in Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll be able to publish an ad that will appear in the newsfeed of your customer – no matter they are the playful Zoomers or serious managers of a big company. In addition, Facebook ads will allow you to target your demographic according to its gender, age, location, educational level, profession, interests, or other parameters. 

Some might say that you can get the same features with Google ads, so why bother with Facebook at all? Well, Facebook will do the trick in a much superior way. As the author at Raddinteractive.com states: “ This level of insight is one of the advantages of Facebook ads that classic search PPC doesn’t offer. Because of the nature of search engines, ad networks like Google and Bing aren’t able to offer as much detailed demographic targeting.“

Reason #2: You'll have ads that optimally reach your specific marketing goals

ATL and BTL advertising will undoubtedly increase awareness of your brand and will encourage your customers to pay for your products or services. But it's not that efficient if you are aiming at specific goals – for instance, if you want to increase web traffic to your web page or better engagement rate of your fans.

You'll need Facebook ads for that because they could be easily adjusted for your specific goals. For example, suppose you aim for a higher number of clicks on your web page. In that case, you’ll place a web traffic campaign. For the better engagement of your fans, you’ll publish an engagement campaign, and for better awareness, you’ll place brand awareness promotion. And what is even better, you’ll be able to set your campaign for the exact time frame and budget without unnecessary negotiations with media buying companies about the free dates and discounts for costly ad space.

And with Facebook ads, you get the lowest possible cost of your promotion, especially if you compare it with other classic or digital advertising. Even for 2 or 3 dollars, you can promote your post or web article on your company’s page.

Reason #3: Facebook advertising is the most cost-effective way of (digital) marketing

Let's compare traditional media promotion on TV, print and radio with social media ads on Facebook. First, you'll instantly notice that Facebook marketing is the most cost-effective way of advertising available.

For a handful of bucks, your Facebook ad will reach thousands of followers of your brand. So you might wonder why spend a small fortune on TV ads or expensive billboards when you can get much more customers for much less money?  

Even if your Facebook ad that costs you 4 or 5 dollars doesn’t achieve the planned results, you can modify it and test it to see if it’ll perform better with the new selling message or visual. And this is the best possible feature you cannot get with classic ATL and BTL campaigns.

Reason #4: Facebook advertising gets you measurable results

When you depend on big media, you don’t get the detailed insights into the achieved results of your campaign. You have to trust media companies and their representatives to display veritable statistics or estimated results. But if you have opened a Facebook Business Manager account, you’ll always be able to monitor the success of your digital campaign in real-time. 

With Facebook ads, there’s no guessing or wrong assumptions. Instead, the results are measurable to the tiny detail. For example, when you open Facebook analytics, you’ll see the number of achieved web clicks, what products were the most clicked, whether more men or women wanted to buy your home appliances… You’ll know the exact reach of your ad and impressions, and it’ll be easier for you to calculate the price-performance ratio.

Reason #5: Facebook advertising is the fastest way for customer base building

Speed is the greatest virtue of advertising on social media channels. Of course, you’ll get the best results in the shortest period over there, but you’ll also gain results in a long-term sense.

As soon as your Facebook ad is approved, your sales messages will be seen all around the Facebook’s social network. Thousands of people will hear about your brand or product in only a couple of hours. And if you have smartly placed your ads to redirect traffic to your webshop, buyers will instantly order your product.

Besides the speed, Facebook advertising has another advantage. If your ads reach the right people who will like your creative work, there’s a great chance your messages or products will become “viral”. With only one click, your buyers will be able to share info about the coolness of your product, thus recommending it to their friends. And with viral peer recognition, you’ll get additional brand followers and the fastest way to build your customer base.

Reason #6: Facebook lets you an easy way of remarketing potential buyers

Remarketing is one of the most efficient segments of a good marketing strategy. Experience shows that potential buyers have to encounter your promotional message or brand several times before engaging or converting. Well, it takes 4 to 7 encounters to be more precise.

That’s why remarketing is so important. Remarketing designates the promotion of the product to people who have already encountered your webpage or brand and have shown an interest in them. For that purpose, you'll set a Facebook pixel code at your Facebook profile, which will monitor the actions/behavior of your followers. And then it will be used for remarketing of potential buyers. 

These followers have already seen your ad while they were scrolling through their newsfeed, and now you can remind them of your product, or you can directly address them with the specially targeted ad with the messages like this: “Hello! You have recently put our product in a basket. Finish your order and get an additional 10% discount.”

Reason #7: Facebook ads appear on the smartphones of your consumers

As different sources state, some 85% of today’s Facebook users access content through their smartphones. And as we know, Facebook is one of the most popular smartphone applications on the market.

Add to this the fact that an ordinary adult person spends 5 to 6 hours a day on their mobile phone, and you’ll instantly realize why it is essential to be present on this device.

And what is even more significant with Facebook ads is that there’s no need for reformatting ads. Instead, Facebook ads offer an automatic adjustment of your ads to digital mobile platforms so you can easily reach your followers and potential buyers.

If these seven arguments didn’t convince you about the importance of marketing on Facebook, you could always turn to less efficient ways of marketing.

You might feel that the quality approach to effective Facebook advertising demands additional effort and working hours from your staff for which yu do not have resources. Still, you can always contact a digital marketing agency like LOGIC. 

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