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  • Web design,
  • UX/UI design

Design and development of the web page for blockchain DeepSquare 

We have developed and designed the new global web page for blockchain project deepsquare.io, which stands out with its dynamic design and functional user experience


Challenge: distinguish the deepsquare.io web page from the competitors' global blockchain web pages and emphasize its benefits 

Based in Switzerland, blockchain project DeepSquare is the viable decentralized, sustainable and affordable alternative to centralized big tech. It's dedicated to all the clients from artificial intelligence (AI), metaverse, rendering, and technical institute branches who need High-Performance Computing (HPC) for the success of their projects.

Marketing agency LOGIC MARKETING had the task of modernizing the static design of web page deepsquare.io, and improving the user experience. Client wanted us to align the technical look and feel of the web page with the project's positioning, thus attracting the new investors and clients with dynamic motion animations and quality content.

Solution and results

Digital marketing agency LOGIC MARKETING decided to completely redesign the deepsquare.io web page, improving it with the new functional user experience and design, modern motion graphic animations, clear, dynamic infographics, and functional design which attracts and informs with its simplicity. At the same time, it simultaneously depicts all the benefits of using DeepSquare blockchain. 

Agency for digital marketing LOGIC MARKETING has refreshed and modernized the new DeepSquare web, ensuring that the look & feel of the web page reflects the technological character of the project while distinguishing itself from other less serious crypto projects. Measured visual style retained the seriousness and the credibility of the project while avoiding the corporate or conservative impression. Due to all said, the web page has become more attractive to the target audience, which includes crypto investors, start-ups, technical institutes, and other companies or subjects which need High-Performance Computing (HPC) support for the success of their projects.

Marketing services offered

  • Web page concept development
  • Web page structure and architecture
  • Web design
  • UX/UI design of the web page
  • Web page production
  • Creation of infographics
  • Motion graphic animations

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