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Creation and management of paid-per-click campaign for Saugella

We have launched and managed a digital motion campaign on Facebook introducing Saugella products to users of feminine intimate care products

Challenge: creating an intriguing Facebook page dedicated to feminine intimate care in a country where this kind of body care is still in its early stage

Feminine intimate care is still a delicate subject of marketing campaigns in Croatia. Women hesitate to talk about intimate hygiene and, in light of their usual daily routine, they consider it an unnecessary daily activity. It is only when they have an infection in their intimate area that they take it seriously. For that reason, Mylan Croatia hired LOGIC MARKETING agency to start a digital Facebook campaign aimed at promoting feminine intimate hygiene and popularizing their line of products under the Saugella brand. The client also asked us to create and actively manage their Facebook page titled ‘Take care of yourself the right way’. The budget was not very high so we had to manage the campaign with limited funds, making effort to achieve the best results possible.

Solution and results

Since we had a limited budget, we decided to use the viral approach for the campaign. Our creative team responsible for motion graphic animations created an animated advertising campaign with funny messages and chic feminine illustrations which targeted women. Female Facebook followers reacted favourably to our witty messages: ‘Have a great view from your Mount of Venus.’ and ‘Insert the marigold flower into your daily routine.’. We skilfully combined animated and static photo ads with different CTA messages, and our continuous A/B testing of ads led to the success of campaign. After only one month of running the campaign, we increased the follower base of Saugella page by 40%.

Motion design and production of digital campaign

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