Social networks have become an important channel of communication to create loyalty between organizations and consumers. Thus, there is a growing need for a Community Manager to manage popular sites – Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

community management

Have you ever wondered why some brands have more followers and customers than other brands on the market? Sometimes it not only depends on the quality of the product or service and its image. It also depends on the brand's investment in creating the community with whom the company communicates daily. That is why the digital marketing agency is increasingly gaining importance in the business world. 

CM stands for online communication with followers on different social networks for supporting a brand, company, or celebrity. A digital marketing agency, organization or individual, implements community management tactics to build an authentic relationship between external audiences (customers, escorts, and fans) and internal audiences (employees, suppliers, partners, and team members). When companies invest in community management, they move from a corporate to a human brand. When that transition happens, you can see that brand shows more care for people who communicate with the brand, work for it and support it. 

How to build a Community Management strategy 

# Selection of appropriate communication channels 

Community Manager helps to get feedback and gather ideas from consumers and audience members through a communication channel. Facebook is the most direct channel where you can connect with your target audience. Formatted ads and pages are designed to attract users' attention and rapid engagement of that social network. That is why Facebook marketing is a great way to achieve marketing goals, also where a Community Manager is most needed. 

In addition to Facebook, organizations are increasingly choosing to run their Instagram profiles to strengthen the community. Instagram is used by those who aim to connect with younger audiences since it is trendy among millennials. The person who manages social media also gets an insight into what type of content is the most interesting to followers. If a company chooses to target a serious, professional audience, it often decides to manage a LinkedIn profile. Regardless of the choice of communication channels, the so-called tone of voice is also changing.

# Choosing the correct Tone of Voice

The person who runs a social network should be familiar with the brand's voice representing the public. A good brand does not only care about its visual identity but also is the one that cares about the access of communication with its followers. The tone of voice differs depending on the audience and the channel where communication takes place, and the brand that has a recognizable culture it nurtures. Whether the company cultivates a humorous or strictly professional tone of voice, the Community Managers need to know by what intonation they can respond to social media posts' queries and comments. They should always see if it is appropriate to use emoticons, gifs, hashtags in their feedback. 

# Regulary posting content on social media and engaging around the audience

Social networks are a great way to develop close links and relationships between the brand and the audience. It is necessary to determine how often they will publish posts on communication channels and follow the publication plan. The audience begins to create expectations from the content, and they also require content that is even more interesting and trendy than the last one. The Community Manager's task is to show followers that they are not just a number and that the company and employees hear their voices. With likes, comments, and reactions to all follower's questions, the connection between the brand and a consumer is strengthened. They can achieve it with simple statements such as „Thank you“ or „We are so excited to hear that you enjoy our products/services!“

# Authentic Community Management 

No matter what target audience the Community Manager manages, he must be doing it in an authentic or compassionate way. Honesty and humanity are two vital elements in achieving quality social networking. Also, the person who responds to comments and inquiries should know when to say, „We are glad / Sorry“. One of the main reasons the brand creates a community is to make sense of belonging for a consumer. Also, the community is essential because followers feel like someone is listening and taking care of them. Active listening to the audience is crucial. Whether it is tracking and responding to comments on posts or regular browsing forums, listening is how organizations can advance their community. 

# Explore new ways to engage followers on social media 

What happens if there are changes in your industry or if a company's products and services are rapidly updating? What if community members request new types of content? Exploring new ways in engaging community members is a necessary process in the quality maintenance of social networks. To keep your community informed about market news and trends, CM should explore new ways to engage their members regardless of the communication channel. Design creative content, engage followers to choose which content is most exciting, and seek feedback. Listen to person's praise and criticism because it strengthens and expands the online community. 


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