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Positioning and launching of the Stipić Interart premium brand

We have embedded passion and distinctiveness in the segment of luxury designer furniture

Challenge: designing a refined, sexy and individualistic image for the luxury furniture brand

Stipić Interart is a company specialized in the sales of premium designer furniture. The company has invited LOGIC MARKETING agency to devise a marketing strategy that will successfully position the company’s brand on the luxury furniture market. We have been asked to create a special identity and positioning which will shortly produce a recognizable, memorable, and remarkable image in costumers’ minds.

Solution and results

LOGIC MARKETING agency has analysed the existing furniture market and the positioning of the competition in order to draw up an effective marketing strategy. We have identified the marketing situation and the strengths of the brand to create a series of positioning territories around which Stipić Interart could build its brand. The key emotional points of the brand have been identified and connected to the symbols of hedonism: passion, heightened emotions, enjoyment, and eroticism. These symbols had not been associated with the brand prior to our intervention. The result? We increased the awareness of the brand from 10% to 90% in the first year of our advertising. The consumers perceived the visuals evoking eroticism, hedonism and “joie de vivre” as unique, original and recognizable. As a result, the Stipić Interart brand has become the leading luxury furniture brand. A quote by famous film director Federico Fellini, which appeared in one of our ads for Stipić Interart, sums up the success of the campaign: ’You do not resist passion. You live it.’.

Marketing services offered

  • Positioning
  • Branding
  • ATL campaigns
  • Print ads
  • Outdoor wallscapes, megaboards, billboards and city lights
  • Brochures, leaflets

Selected works