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Integrated marketing campaign for Lactocare good gut bacteria

We have put the ‘goodness’ of gut bacteria at the forefront and succeeded in positioning Lactocare as the most popular probiotic on the domestic market

Challenge: to provide a unique marketing territory for Lactocare food supplement, in compliance with all legal regulations

Lactocare is one of the best quality probiotics in the segment of food supplements on our market. However, this product came to Croatia much later than its competitors. High quality, a small marketing budget, and an extremely competitive market were the challenges that LOGIC MARKETING agency had to face. The issue posing the biggest dilemma was how to raise brand awareness in a short period of time with limited budget and a one-shot campaign. To make things more complicated, we had to comply with all legal regulations specifying that no health benefits could be advertised. Therefore, we had to position and differentiate Lactocare from its competitors, and build a unique marketing territory around its recognizable features or benefits.

Solution and results

Our agency analysed the market situation and examined the activities and communication strategies of Lactocare’s competitors. We decided that the Lactocare brand should occupy its unique positioning by putting the ‘goodness’ of gut bacteria at the forefront of communication. We realized that the competitors passed up the chance to simply brand gut bacteria as ‘good bacteria’ and use it as an effective sales message. In addition, we attributed several positive benefits to good bacteria and the effects they exert on the people taking Lactocare probiotics: gut protection, quick relief and digestive balance. The campaign we organized was launched carefully on selected media: city lights, posters in women’s washrooms in shopping malls, mobile banners and native ads on popular Croatian web portals.

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