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Educational campaign for Raiffeisen pension insurance company

We have contributed to the spread of financial literacy about pensions in Croatia with the series of YouTube videos "Knowledge for the better pension" and online native editorial

Challenge: motivate citizens of Croatia to start actively planning their pensions in the country in which half of the people older than 40 don't even think about their future pensions

Raiffeisen pension insurance company has invited marketing agency LOGIC MARKETING to create a digital educational campaign dedicated to disseminating knowledge about financial literacy among Croatia citizens. The future beneficiaries of pensions had to be introduced to the pension insurance company's role and the selection of pension payment method. The way things are going, one retiree in Croatia is now financed by 1,3 employees, which is untenable for the pension system's future. Thus, it is crucial to make Croatian citizens aware of their role in investing in their pensions and enjoying them via the pension insurance company.  

Solution and results

Digital marketing agency LOGIC MARKETING has created and produced 5 educational YouTube videos titled "Knowledge for the better pension." In the videos, we have combined the animated and motion picture production to present the viewer with the subject he rarely thinks of (his future pension) in an approachable and exciting way. Popular guest of Croatian Quiz shows, Morana Zibar, has served as an educator who has drawn closer the themes: pensions and work, lifelong pension, transferability of the pension to the next of kin, investment returns in retirement. The animated educational video format has been elevated to a higher level, including motion picture production, impactful 2D line animation, and animated infographics-telops. The creative approach has yielded success. In the four weeks of the campaign, videos have achieved more than 120.000 views on the YouTube platform. In addition to the videos, we have also created a special native online editorial in cooperation with Croatian news portal vecernji.hr. Seven native articles were published in which we informed the citizens of Croatia about all important subjects connected to pensions and pension insurance companies. We have illustrated all native articles with attractive infographics, which have depicted the most important facts and figures about the present and future pensions.


Educational video for Raiffeisen pension company - Lifelong pension
Educational video for Raiffeisen pension company - Transferability of pension
Educational video for Raiffeisen pension company - Investment returns in pension
Educational video for Raiffeisen pension company - Retirement and work
Educational video for Raiffeisen pension company - Women and retirement

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