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Content creation and community management on social media

We have managed and created content for a lot of successful pages of our clients on the most popular social media channels

Challenge: creating a social media page with appealing content that will attract a larger audience for the brand

LOGIC MARKETING is one the first marketing agencies in Croatia that created a digital campaign for its client. This suggest that the agency has followed continually the latest advertising trends. We have been perfecting our expertise and knowledge in the creation and management of Google ads and Facebook ads campaigns since our first steps in the domain of digital marketing. We have built a number of successful Facebook pages for our clients and advanced our skills in community management and content marketing for social media and web pages. Our clients have called us plenty of times to come up with communication strategies for social media that will win hearts and minds of their followers. Every time, we have made a real success of the job. Would you like to know how?

Solution and results

When we draw up a strategy, we always study in detail the target market or the behaviour of the brand’s followers on Facebook. We define and segment target audience, and create a unique social positioning of the brand. After that, we proceed with the production process of creative solutions. We create content calendars on a regular basis and manage digital campaigns, with responsible budget handling. We monitor the performance of our Facebook and Google ads campaigns, analyse statistical data, and plan our next steps, at the same time adjusting our strategy to the unpredictable behaviour of the brand’s followers on social media channels.

Over the years, we have successfully created a series of highly popular Facebook pages which have attracted an army of followers reacting with interesting digital content, likeable statuses, and innovative posts and formats. The pages we have created for popular brands such as ‘ADIVA – Savjetom do Zdravlja’, Geratherm, Lactocare, Ice Power, BonUrel, Plitvice Lakes, the Hungarian Tourist Board, the City of Daruvar, etc. have all had a high engagement rate of followers, provoked comments and discussions, and motivated their followers to share content, statuses and information.

Marketing services offered

  • Digital strategy
  • Digital advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Community management
  • Content strategy
  • Content creation
  • Reporting and analysis

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