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A series of animated videos for the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture

We have made a series of animated TV videos aimed at motivating Croatian farmers to apply for subsidies of the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture

Challenge: showing farmers how they can use state subsidies for renewable sources of energy and help their businesses grow

The Croatian Ministry of Agriculture has invited tenders for marketing agency to develop an interesting campaign targeting Croatian farmers and food producers. Farmers and producers could use state subsidies for investment in renewable sources of energy. As an agency providing digital marketing, content marketing and advertising services, we submitted our tender that had the winning proposal and concept. The client asked LOGIC MARKETING agency to develop a series of short animated TV commercials that would present the benefits of the subsidies for farmers in a simple and appealing manner.

Solution and results

We have produced three 30-second animated videos using plain and understandable language to address farmers and food producers. We decided to use modern illustrations, infographics and inspiring motion graphic animation. In each video we have shown one example of the best practice. For instance, cattle breeder Mario, fruit grower Jasna and olive grower Stipe demonstrate in their respective videos how to grow your farm business, reduce energy costs, and switch to green production with the subsidies of the Croatian ministry. We have explained the complex subsidy system in a simplified manner by using animated infographics and motivated farmers by using interesting stories about investments in photovoltaic units, biogas facilities and pelleting machines. Videos were shown on all Croatian national TV channels, in prime time and at the beginning of the most watched newscasts.

Animated TV video for the Croatian ministry of agriculture – Olive grower Stipe
Animated TV video for the Croatian ministry of agriculture – Cattle breeder Mario
Animated TV video for the Croatian ministry of agriculture – Fruit grower Jasna

Marketing services offered

  • ATL campaign
  • Production of TV videos
  • Animation production
  • Animated infographics

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