Zoom, as everyone knows, is a popular web application for group meetings and webinars. But do you know that Zoom could be used for product promotion and brand awareness too?

Social distance and remote work from home have become the regular part of our everyday lives. Clients rarely visit us at our working place. And meetings and briefings are held online.

No wonder that Zoom, a web application dedicated to online meetings and webinars, has become so popular in the world of business. Millions of people use Zoom daily. And its worth on the stock exchange has increased four times since the arrival of coronavirus.

Zoom owns its success to its software and design that is easy to use and practical. Even the biggest brands and the most glamorous events like the Golden Bear Awards ceremony, which was recently held on Zoom, have come under its spell. The whole world reported about Golden bear on Zoom. Better advertising for this platform you won't find anywhere.

And speaking of advertising, did you know that many marketing agencies and experts recommend Zoom as the new tool for promoting brands and products? Don't think of Zoom as just another video call application, they say, but as a platform that can strengthen your promotional activities.

Here's an overview of selected marketing techniques you can use with the help of Zoom. We hope they'll improve your business results.

Zoom is an excellent tool for market research

Do you have to conduct market research or individual interviews for your client of certain focus groups? Zoom is the appropriate tool for that. Safe, interactive, with no risk of close social contact. You can arrange a video meeting, a group chat, or a Zoom call with the targeted focus group. Use this platform to uncover the target audience's expectations in a video conversation and get to know what they think about a certain product or service.

Send some product samples to them so they could test those products at their homes. And with the help of a video call, get in contact with them. You'll be able to get first-hand consumer insight and find out how they liked the product, did it fulfill their expectations.

Video call on Zoom is a better tool than the traditional questionnaire. The classic questionnaire is limited by its written form and offered options (a,b,c answers) for comparative purposes. The level of engagement is also lower with traditional surveys. In contrast, live conversations conducted on 

Zoom could be used for a thorough examination of consumers' way of thinking. Spontaneous dialogue can open up new, unexpected themes or angles that would usually stay unnoticed.

Video meetings and webinars could be used as a source of valuable content

Zoom video meetings and webinars could be recorded and become a great source for content creation and sharing. The most interesting quotes of participants could be used as material for social media posts. Here's the idea: let everyone know how relaxed or informal are meetings of your colleagues. Show the world how it's done in your company, strengthen the image of a transparent firm.  

The possibilities for content creation are limitless: edit your webinars and share them as explainer videos on YouTube. Insert the most exciting parts of the video conference in your blog articles. 

And use the best statements of your participants for the impactful testimonials. Everyone likes immediate accounts of real people in whose spontaneity no one doubts.  

Use Zoom meetings for product placement and increase of brand awareness

Are you planning to be part of a regional Zoom video conference along with another 100 participants? You'd like to let people know about your new project but in a discreet way? Here's how you can do it. Put on a T-shirt with the new logo of your brand. Reply to someone's compliment about your T-shirt's cool design at the beginning of a call while still informally chatting with other participants. Let them know that it's about your new idea for branding. You'll get attention for sure.  

Another terrific option for promotion on Zoom is the background that shows on a screen behind you. Instead of having an actual office background, why don't you put some attractive background with your brand's colors or some compelling visuals? Make sure that the promotional intention is not too noticeable. Be promotional in a native way. The too conspicuous approach could return like a boomerang.

Create a campaign that will actively engage Zoom users 

Zoom is the great virtual gathering point for potential buyers of your brand. Use it smartly for the campaign with interactive content that your customers will create. Spread the word on social networks that you would like to hear for the fans how they use your products in everyday situations. Encourage them to express their opinions, make comments on the most exciting features of your product. Zoom's still widely "undiscovered "chat option is a perfect tool for that.

Follow the excellent example of the Zoom chat campaign "Chipotle Together" of the well-known American fast-food restaurant. Chipotle has invited its customers to join the Zoom chat and participate in virtual gatherings. During the challenging months of a first lockdown, Chipotle's virtual discussions served as a successful socializing platform and the channel of promotion of Chipotle's food. 

Fans were delighted by the idea of chatting with others while and also ordering cool Chipotle's menus which could be delivered straight to their homes.

All in all, be adventurous and turn Zoom into your "secret" promotional tool. This digital platform still has one huge advantage over others – it's not yet saturated with countless commercial messages and content.





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