Will we watch commercials created by artificial intelligence and ChatGPT very soon? Is YouTube Shorts or conversational marketing the next big thing? Answers to these questions will give us an idea about marketing trends in 2023.

marketing trendovi u 2023.

The year has only started, and everybody already talks about one hot topic – ChatGPT. This advanced open AI program has conquered the imagination of millions of people across the globe for its outstanding creative capabilities. It can write decent essays, participate in intelligent online conversations, produce scientific works, and write program codes and… promotional slogans.

This last feature is the main reason it will also influence the marketing trends in the year ahead.

Trend #1: Artificial intelligence will speed up the process of the creation of digital marketing campaigns

In the last 12 months, the market has been flooded with many new software programs based on artificial intelligence that can successfully create persuasive textual and visual data files, including copywriting materials and promotional visuals. The best-known among these programs are Writer, Jasper, Dall-e and ChatGPT.

As Mark Schaefer, one of the leading marketing futurists, says, these programs “will revolutionize the way content is created, distributed, and consumed. AI could help content creators create better and more engaging content, dramatically reduce the time needed to create content, and automate content creation.”

If you, for example, lead a start-up company and cannot afford big-league marketing agency services, ChatGPT will help you create digital content for your web page and its programming.

Does it mean that the creatives and digital campaign managers in the digital marketing departments will stay out of their jobs? As things look now – probably not. ChatGPT will deliver hundreds of new slogans or advertising messages, but human beings will speak the last word. Artificial intelligence will only speed up the creative process and free us from repetitive tasks like creating tens of testing ads. Instead, the designer and copywriter will become selectors (or DJs) who will pick up the best-offered solutions, rework them and optimize for the digital channels. Thanks to ChatGPT, in the future, everyone will be a creative director for 15 minutes (to paraphrase the famous words of Andy Warhol).

Trend #2: Conversational marketing will bring buyers closer to brands

Conversational marketing is the next marketing trend that will be big in 2023. Today's consumers are accustomed to two-way communication on social media platforms, and they expect the same from brands – to communicate with them in real-time in a real conversation.

To meet this goal, brands, and web pages will use chatbots and messenger platforms on social media channels, giving digital users more autonomy in online communication in a flash of time. Two-way communication is a win-win situation. If you, for example, set up a chatbot on your web page, this feature will motivate your customers to interact and give them answers to their demands. You'll also meet their needs and speed up the sales of your products.

Follow an excellent example of the insurance company Lemonade whose chatbot application Maya allows customers to purchase insurance in 90 seconds only. It's an example of customer support service well adjusted to the digital age. To watch the video presentation of the feature, click on this link.



Source: https://rasa.community/showcase/lemonade-maya/

Trend #3 Short vertical videos will dominate social networks

What do TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts have in common? The answer is short vertical videos adored by social media fans!

For years video has been the number one format in digital marketing and on social networks. The introduction of the YouTube Shorts application in 2021 and the expansion of TikTok and Instagram Reels led to the further popularization of video, especially in the form of short, vertical videos which can be recorded by smartphone and shared on social networks.

Cory Henker, a contributor at the Search Engine Land web page, says that short vertical videos are an excellent choice because, with them, you can place the same video on all three platforms, adapting them to the specific interests of their target audience. For example, he recommends Instagram Reels for brands with webshop pages because Insta Reels could be connected with Instagram Shop. And for B2B business Henker suggests YouTube Shorts since the videos on this platform could be quickly promoted through Google Ads, thus reaching even more potential buyers for the products or brand.

Short vertical videos are direct, have viral potential, burst with personality, and perfectly correspond with social media communication style. Here’s an example of Dental Digest, one of the most successful Shorts creators whose videos are viewed by more than 10 million followers each. Dental Digest creates intriguing unconventional content with advice on getting rid of tooth stains or nurturing gums. He does it with superb product placement of his sponsors’ products:

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpYsfQIoEp0

Data provided by Metigy confirms that the short videos market is in expansion: even though YouTube Shorts is the last innovation of YoutTube, their short videos are viewed more than 15 billion times a day. In addition, Google has earned 7 billion US dollars on advertising those videos in the last year only.

Trend #4: Tick-tock… now is the time for marketing on TikTok

Speaking of short vertical videos, let’s mention that the TikTok platform has been responsible for their widespread popularity. Like no other digital platform, this social network became enormously trendy among young social media users, and many brands now want to jump on the wagon. This brings us to another trend that will mark 2023: the expansion of marketing on TikTok.    

TikTok already has more than a billion everyday active users thanks to its ultra-short videos, visual effects, visual and audio editing options, and social media sharing. So why not use it for marketing promotion of products and brands?

Many established companies still avoid this social network, reasoning that it is only suitable for Gen-Zers who are bulletproof to advertising. But despite that, TikTok has shown its usefulness as a promotional digital channel. For example, there’s a whole new BookTok market segment with book trade influencers who successfully promote new book titles to the TikTok audience.  


Source: Slate.com

The book trade industry created a range of topics and hashtags that promote books based on the short summaries of those books’ contents. So the hashtag #EnemiesToLovers refers to the books in which main characters change from enemies into lovers. In contrast, hashtag #DaggerToTheThroat relates to crime and fantasy book titles in which their characters die of a stabbing. This way younger population, who usually doesn’t pay attention to books or literature, gets interested in their reading! So here’s an inside tip: when promoting your brand on TikTok, choose the right influencer who will gather a community of devoted fans potentially interested in your brand.

A little bonus: 3 more marketing trends that will be big in 2023 

The four trends mentioned above will certainly mark the year 2023 in marketing, and in addition, some marketing experts predict the popularity of three more trends. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • There will be a rise in the usage of big data, especially regarding consumer behavior and marketing campaign analytics. The data extracted from the statistical analysis will be used to create new campaigns or to influence potential buyers to purchase products. An excellent recent example is the campaign of the Spanish traffic ministry, which had the main headline: “Let’s make Big Data wrong”. This slogan refers to the big data prediction of one statistics center, which calculated that the number of deaths in traffic in Spain around Christmas would be around 36. So the campaign appeals to drivers to drive more carefully to prevent this deadly trend from happening.

big data

Source: https://n332.es/lets-make-big-data-wrong-the-new-dgt-campaign-for-easter/

  • Brands will turn to their media and stop spending marketing money on third-party channels. More than ever, it is crucial for businesses to have their web page, Facebook, and TikTok profile instead of advertising on somebody else’s media platforms. This way, brands save on marketing money and control their campaigns' success while creating content on their platforms that will appeal to fans and potential buyers.
  • Google Analytics 4 will determine the course of marketing activities for companies and brands in the following months. Somewhere around July, all the companies that use the existing Google Analytics will have to transfer to the new GA4 platform. The New and improved GA4 platform will analyze the events instead of sessions as it was before. This way, Google will better understand user experience and customer journey. In addition, new Google Analytics predictive algorithms will help marketing departments better target audiences with Google ads and be more effective.

So, stay on top of marketing trends in new business 2023 and keep the competition far behind you.


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