If there's anything that has shown its resilience to coronavirus's influence, then it's certainly digital marketing. Increase its presence in your marketing mix and make sales happen!

Before the arrival of the pandemic, many business owners showed a mistrusting attitude toward digital marketing. Social networks and web pages, they resonated, are only supplemental to traditional advertising channels, and they represent a less serious aspect of marketing business.

But many others who based their business activities on webshop sales, e-commerce, or social media brand reputation building knew that digital marketing was the right way to reach their customers effectively.

The arrival of coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns accelerated the process of digitalization. Everyone was online, and digital marketing has shown itself as a resistant promotional tool despite the tremendous pandemic impact on society and the economy. As soon as governments around the globe proclaimed lockdowns, buyers turned to their smartphones and available online platforms in search of relevant information and products.

Pandemic forced people to be more cautious. They kept a social distance. Even those who were not eager to shop online started to order food and other products via mobile phones and webshops. They also began to learn about new brands since some of their favourite producers didn't have developed digital channels, webshops, or delivery of products straight to the homes.

88% of consumers will stay loyal to brands they were introduced to during the lockdown

There's a considerable change in the habits of consumers caused by the pandemic. The well-known portal for marketing econsultance published the research results in which 88% of consumers stated that they would stay loyal to the brand they got introduced to during the outbreak of a pandemic.

To make things look even brighter for digital culture, econsultancy states that 74% of British buyers now feel comfortable and safe when ordering products online.

That's the power of change that came with coronavirus. Digitally omnipresent Amazon and Tesco have emerged from the first coronavirus wave as true winners – they increased their sales results by more than 25%. Swedish furniture producer Ikea has immediately moved the majority of its promotional activities to web and social media. And they gathered all their communication messages under the common hashtag #stayinghome giving their customers support on social media channels. Ikea also had positive sales results.

However, as the pandemic progressed, most businesses realized the importance of digital marketing. As Google trends show, the interest in classic print ads has decreased by 25% in the last 365 days.

8 great reasons why you need digital marketing right now

If the figures and examples mentioned above haven't convinced you about the importance of digital marketing, here some additional arguments in favour of this mighty promotional and sales tool:

  • Your target audience is already online, especially millennials who do not care about traditional non-digital media. If you target them, there's no sense in spending budget on print ads because they won't reach them.
  • Your competitors have gone digital too, and some of them have an army of fans on Facebook or create exciting and popular content. Start your content production and its promotion on social media. Act now in order not to lose the race
  • Before they make any purchase decisions, today's consumers compare offers and products that are available online. For that reason, be present on the internet, inform your buyers, offer them something new, exciting, and better!
  • The interest for the brands who have their webshops or mobile applications has increased in the last 6 months. If you have them too, use them for the promotion of your services and sales actions!
  • The web page of any relevant brand is today the must-have central place for gathering all marketing activities. Classic ATL campaign lost its paramount importance. You should better focus on your web page. Make it springboard for all your marketing activities on interconnected digital channels.
  • Digital marketing is much more affordable than classic advertising. With less investment, you can reach a much higher number of potential buyers. Even if you invest, for example, only 2 or 3 dollars, you can get more than a thousand potential buyers on social networks.
  • Create an emphatic long-term relationship with your buyers. And use digital channels to achieve that. Give your followers emotional and other support much needed in these times of crisis. You'll yield returns in trust and loyalty from your buyers.
  • Measurable results – digital platforms will optimize your spendings and track the results of every dollar you invest in promotion.

Redirect your marketing budget online and click with your customers

As famous guru for digital marketing Neil Patel said: "TV, radio, and newspaper advertisements alone won't cut it anymore. Why? The Internet is too accessible for consumers. Other mediums can't compete. ".

Just a word to the wise: if your buyers cannot find you on the web or they cannot order your products from a screen of their smartphones, they'll look for someone else's. Just like that, 88% of buyers will become loyal to another brand!

Redirect your budgetary means to online channels, don't just spend your advertising money on billboards and TV. Step into the world of clicks and click with your customers instantly.

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