Want to start a blog on your website or increase the readability of existing blog posts? Great, you are in the right place!

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Although every serious marketing department already knows this, it is good to reiterate that the main functions of a blog are creating content for social networks, additional search engine optimization, and building credibility among customers/followers. In addition, of course, there are other benefits, but these are the most important and most tangible.

With that out of the way, how to write a blog post that will be interesting, useful, and promote your brand values?

1. Marketing strategy is not just an expensive piece of paper

Ok, after a few months of developing a marketing strategy (or paying us to create it for you), you have a clear picture of your brand as well as your customers. So what do you do with this marketing strategy? Well…use it.

Your target audience is not just a parameter for Facebook and Google Ads, but people who have their feelings, dreams, problems, fears, and more. Shocking, right?

Target the emotions and desires of the target group with your blog. Relieve their fears, fill them with confidence, say precisely what your target audience wants to hear. It can be anything - from free shipping to alleviating summer existential crises.

In addition, your brand also has key benefits, unique selling propositions, and other marketing buzzwords. Don't let them be buzzwords; use them in your blog as well. Why are you the authority in this area? Why should they choose your company over the competition?

But also, don’t forget that the sole purpose of your blog is not open advertising. Sure, it can be, but who wants to read a 1000-word ad?

2. Great headline sells. Always.

Five seconds.

It takes that much for the brain to read the headline and decide if it wants to open an article or not. So let your creatives flaunt their verbal acrobatics, but restrain them if they go into abstraction. Let the title be playful but simultaneously precise about the topic and the things in the post itself.

Imagine a hypothetical situation of scrolling a cell phone during a five-minute break from work. You come across a Facebook post with the headline “Good blog writing.” While the title itself is clear, we don’t think you’ll waste time reading the post, neither would we.

A good trick to attract attention is the top 5 or top 10 list. It is known - everyone loves lists. We can take two videos as an example: "The best plays of the NBA season 2020." or "Top 50 NBA Plays of 2020 Season." Most of us will open the second video. The same goes for our headline. “5 techniques” leaves a more profound impression than “Best techniques”, right?

Lastly, consider the search intent of a user searching for a particular topic on Google. A well-worded and clear headline can be your advantage over the other thousand pages. If your headline is precisely what the user needs at that point, you’ll also get an extra click.

3. Conciseness, clarity, and linguistic purity!

Unless your company is engaged in the freelance analysis of Hegel's texts, there is no need to go into deep topics and writing. Instead, respect the people who come to your blog by respecting their free time.

There is a well-known maxim - if you can say something in 1000 words, don't say it in 2000 words. Unless you are a digital nomad, the number of words should not be excessive just to fill out the form.

There is also no need for an ornate Baroque language to be interesting. Instead, the curiosity lies in simplicity and clarity, and clarity is knowing precisely what you need to say, no more and no less.

When it comes to form, try to keep sentences as short as possible. If people want to read Dickensian sentences, they always have Dickens! In addition, it would be terrific to break the text into paragraphs and subheadings because a massive block of text is not a fun read for anyone.

4. Don’t forget to have fun

There’s not a lot of wisdom here when we say you should be interesting.

Your blog is not an official decision to change the law in the valuation of diplomas earned abroad, for example. You don’t have to be rigid; relax, let copywriters and other creatives throw out all the creative juices they keep within themselves.

But also, don’t forget the tone of voice of your brand. If your TOV is professional and serious, it is not recommended that the style of your blogs be radically different. That doesn’t mean you have to be boring, by any means.

Remember, the primary function of your blog should always be E&E - enlighten & entertain.

The time that readers spend on your site should be informative and fun, within the limits of the tone of voice. Intrigue the user, entertain him, touch him with emotion, anything ... just leave an impression!

It would be good to use as much visual language as possible for an extra dose of fun, from photos, GIFs, videos, tweets, and whatever, which brings us to the next point.

5. We are all visual types

In addition to paragraphs and subheadlines, placing multimedia content will help break up the text.

From embedded YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok videos, to photos, images, tweets, or GIFs, any kind of additional content will enrich your blog post.

An excellent example of this practice is Airstream’s blog article on the occasion of its 90th anniversary. Notice how short and clear the copy is, while there is a greater focus on the visuals, explaining what each image represents.

In addition, feel free to link to other blogs or interesting articles related to your topic as we put the link to Airstream's website!

6. Always give a small bonus

In our 18 years of doing this job, we have learned that people always like to get a little more: more content, effort, choice. The same goes for blogs. Insert an extra paragraph, additional research articles, or include the top 10 list and put an amplifier on 11.

It shouldn’t be something exaggerated, but if readers think they’ll always get added value with your blogs, they’ll come back and maybe explore other blog posts. Good exchange for a couple more paragraphs, right?

A few sentences for the end

Our short education on blogging is over. Through experience, you will understand the additional nuances of content creation, but to start with these five, sorry - six techniques, it is enough to write blogs that will not put your audience to sleep.

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